The Orchid Wonders'

Based upon

the ‘TOM SAWYER’ BY Mark Twain

Let’s embark on the journey of playful expedition and timeless charm with the enchanting ‘Tom Sawyer’ inspired kid’s wear collection , designed to capture the spirits of Mark Twain’s beloved characters, the colourful silhouettes that celebrate the innocence, playfulness celebrating mischievous adoration at young hearts.

Inspired by the Tom’s adventurous spirit and love for great outdoors of exploration, the Tom’s Wild Explorer Collection is designed to acknowledge the child’s curious emotion , who are always ready to take a plunge into the new adventures. Featuring pastels ,  monochromes & stripes, the silhoutte is the epitome of rustic charm and adventurous attire. Whether climbing trees, swinging in the gardens, or embarking on imaginative quests, the English designs will be your child a delightful companion on every journey.

Seagull Rose Silhouttes

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the grace of Becky Thatcher, the Dreamy Garden dress is a whimsical ensemble that will enchant your little one to a magical world of adventures. Adorned with pastel tones & striped patterns, the silhouette embraces the joy of blooming gardens and outdoor explorations. Let your little princesses revel in the wonders of their own with this charming little exploration that celebrates youthfulness.


Seagull Crimson Sets

Charming English attire for your handsome little adorable boy, dressed meticulously in patterned heritage clothing combined with a pop of contrasting shades, the wooden buttons & hemlines that adds a panache to the overall dressing. Give a fashion makeover in all season casual wear collection wardrobe, from picnics to a birthday parties, let the glorious dressing be a statement piece this summer !

Flamingo Aster Sets

Fashionably classics & an ode to timeless heritage wear in bold striped patterned summer casuals celebrating the joy of playfulness , celebrating the excitement that comes during the childhood voyage. Interesting patterns that vibes well to the cheerfulness of childhood dreams in a delightful manner . Stripes that complements seamlessly with solids & umbrella cuts is adoringly chivalry  & gracious ! Get these fashionably perfect dressing today !


Robin Lilac Sets

Bright & playful colours majestically an English attire that complements beautifully with plain shirts & striped patterns. Designed fashionably for your little charming boy, let him feel confident & flamboyant in these smart casuals that blends nicely in the quality dressing to make an impact during an afternoon brunch or a summer dinner out with family .

Robin Lilac Silhouttes

Exemplifying Amy Lawrence’s feminine spirit and love for everything beautiful, the Enchanted Forest attire is designed for the little princesses who loves to twirl  & dance in joy and wonder ! With flowing skirts, playful sleeves, and whimsical details, the silhouette adds a touch of playfulness and charm to any occasion. It’s a special & generous event or a beautiful day of an adventurous whimsy, it does makes the small wonders feel like the Belle of a dancing Ballet  !

Peasant Plum Silhouttes

Admiringly poised dressing in polished & refined looks for a smart & vibrant looks , adding a relaxed charm & distinctive trends in cute little fashionable outfits . Style it along with a vintage umbrella during a summer to rainy weather or a cardigan & stockings during winters, make your little ones delightfully bright & on the go for every occasion all season! Flaunt the dressing details & get the comfort of a fashion makeover , by selecting the right ones !



Olive Emerald Silhouttes

Embodying by the Sid’s adventurous spirit and zest for life, the contemporary sets is perfect for young explorers who are always eager for eagerness & exhilation. With its rugged yet youthful english design elements, that beautifully features summer & fruity flavours of seasons, along with a hint of playfulness . Whether it’s climbing up the trees or setting on the boundless quests, the collection beautifully channelizes the child’s fulfilment for joy !

Sandpiper Coral Silhouttes

Casual outfits that transpires from the journey of youth towards a glorious essence of a timeless modern yet vintage tradition, embodying the valuable & quality dressing in a fashionable way ! Classic stripes & solid colours that blends beautifully giving detailing at numerous design elements , gives an interesting notch to the overall appeal of the collection.

Champagne Canary Silhouttes

Embrace the feisty & the go getter character of Joe Harper with our interesting cuts of silhouettes that demonstrates the flawless blending of Indian & English heritage blending dressing . Designed to capture the essence of the vintage timeless dressing in the boundless ingenious elegance , this set embodies a sense of flair & classic collection. Featuring playful tones, striped patterns, functional pockets and rugged charm, the silhouttes encourage a sense of delightful admiration  for the untamed wilderness amongst the young explorers.

Amber Magpie Silhouttes

Let your little ones channelize their inner Huckleberry Finn’s imaginative & young joyful trends of season that interestingly combines the free spirited charm & relaxed trends in earthy tones of outdoor English dressing synonymous to the storyline of whimsical treasure hunts in the wonderlands of the woods & animal kingdom. Encourage your little explorers to embrace their wildlike nature and embrace the joys of childhood , celebrating the wonders of imagination.