Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dating back to William Shakespeare’s play , ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ celebrates the life of a young woman Hippolyta & Duke of  Athens , after conquering the warrior Amazons in the battle. Encapsulated around the enchanted  journey that brings charm & magnetism, overriding the endearment for marriage & satiric convention of characters in the play, that makes the lovers traverse through forests & animal kingdom in an amusing manner!

Ivory Chrimson Cropped Top & Skirt

A collection, that speaks elegance & neat for a breathtaking holiday afternoon. Slow fashion vintage look that’s created out of hand embroidery in French & Indian motifs , and is constructed out of a careful selection of ethical & soft fabrics of neutral tones, to stand out from the generous crowd this season ! Flaunt your glamorous yet subtle choice of dressing to a cocktail lunch with a flower-patterned scarf to grace your impact to your friends around !

Fabric – Cotton  Satin

Medallion Cropped Top

Take a cue from our desirable looks of à la mode holiday outfits that is committed to sustainable wear and hence, the noteworthy picturesque of handmade collection that speaks delightful versions of welfare  , that allows  the breathtaking essentials in your wardrobe to the next level. A classic daisy white ensemble will never go out of style ! Combine your choice of dressing according to seasons, with a statement scarf  or an ethical stylish handbag that carrys a distinctive style appeal , hence a look that will essentially make you feel poised & marvellously eco-humane at the same time. Dress up intelligently for a beautiful you. 

Fabric – Cotton  Satin

Ibis Cropped Top

Discover the glorious & compassionate living with our vegan collection that is agreeable to tap poise & well mannered etiquette into the lifestyle of youthful woman . A collection that ought to recite Shakespeare’s play for our passionate customers , we do love to explore a significantly classic yet classy dressing to their wardrobe. Tones of whites & pastels , is now trending in our closet , taking a new approach that acknowledges a compassionate living with an exotic tastes of Indian heritage …

Fabric – Cotton  Satin

Byzantine Rosewood Cropped Top & Skirt

Emblematic motifs and silhouettes that softly sway and rustle like fields in a world where dreams are born to take off and thrive . A minimalistic vintage twist to the classic English silhouette that represents eminence restructuring masterful collection for  fashion forward moment. Synchronising the harmony between contemporary yet renaissance era of global  traditions, the hand creations of cotton collection in floral motifs is an eminent transition for a constructive endeavour towards an well-dressed wardrobe choices.

Fabric – Cotton  

Peasant Ebony Cropped Top & Skirt

Crafted to a perfect day look , a classic black & white silhouette speaks elegance & empower the idea of a classical heritage. A contemporary look re imagined along with the ephemeral trend of holiday dressing , that are also known to be the charming reminders of bouquets , flourishing sunbeams , birds chirping & gracious glory of refreshing existence of a thriving terrain of coexisting wildlife ! The timeless classic looks are idealistic wardrobe staples for everyone’s fashionable essentials.

Fabric – Cotton