Brand Policy

Ethical Fashion

We believe in creating quality valued products and taking responsibility in terms of passionate commitment to human rights, building fair relationships with workers, retailers with respect-to dignity and inclusion.

Sustainable clothing

We understand the environmental impact of being ‘green’ and hence, we make an effort to protect the ecosystem that is derived out of eco-friendly resources.

Slow fashion Clothing

Our ideas and product innovative defines the philosophy of making garments that have longevity and creating handmade embroidered clothing. Our timeless designs are made in accordance to the concept of customer satisfaction and cultural diversity.


We respect animal welfare hence, our clothing is free from any kind of animal products and is made out of plant and man made items. Our clothing typically is made out of 100% cotton fabrics that are Sustainable and Vegan.



“There’s no greatness in suppressing a soul of an animal that doesn’t have the power to speak. Their eyes are full of compassion, love and vulnerability. Animals have the same equal rights to live freely in a society and be respected as that of humans”, says the Founder.