Alexandra’s Luncheon

“The delicious Supper’ was being served in consequence to the Lady’s genuine presence, not a large dinner of style but one of great elegance & demeanour. Beginning with the Lentil Soup diced with Mayonnaise, steamed Spinach & Nutmeg Cannelloni deliciously combined Ricotta in Mascarpone Sauces & Spices, allotted for a large consequence of élan! The starters defined for the Carrot Wellington in Butternut & British Cheese, Rosemary & Thyme, and of course the fabulous Wine for the lasting flavor of delicacy & reaching to the absolute dish of Clementine Golden & Spiced Pancakes  known only to the Jacquard’ & bourning with a pie’ of  Peud’amours and the dessert of whipped crème toppled with Caramel ,Nuts & Strawberry ….!”

Escape confidently to the majestic enchantment 0f English Tablewear setting for a standout ambience. We have encapsulated an interestingly easy design creations, that beautifully adds up to a delightful ambience of sophistication and the finest of arrangements for an elegant luncheon. Pick and lay generously with these heritage timeless classics, and influence your prime guests in so artistic hospitable collection that we offer just for you .


Christmas Noel Sets

Introduce royalty & sophistication to your dinning space with these bespoke timeless classics consisting of Table Mats , Napkins , Runners representing Indian heritage with a touch of English trends. Woven from the finest of sustainable cottons & exquisitely digitally printed for an everlasting quintessence. Idealistic and introduced first time in homelands, keeping in view the joy of wonderful dining experiences we treasure along with friends & family to relish a meal of wholesomeness.The familiarity of berries and the balance of pinecones brings out the feeling of gratefulness at the end of the year.

Rose Macaroon Sets 


 Perfect gifts for any occasion, these beautiful sets of fine tastes in vibrant themes are just perfect for every season . Created with a double layered fabric and easy to wash & store, brings a unique routine friendly lifestyle for ladies out there. Flaunt your tastes of goodness with an gorgeous lunch or dinners during weekends, and bring colour to your dining space in an artistic manner. The decadent aroma of fresh grapes paired with aged cheese and truffle oil brings a special flavor of charm and indulgence.

Tea Dessert Sets


 Feel refreshed this summer afternoon with arrangements of an exquisite English  brunch with friends for a delight. Its never too late to set a table in royalty. We present to you these beautiful sets for tea lovers in an English breakfast style for a delightful experience. Soft textured fabrics that can be easily matched up with different cutlery designs , has been interestingly elegant adding a touch of royalty .The elegant articulation and poise of teacups that is set exclusively, enumerates royalty and timeless collection.

Persian Ocher Sets
 Give a gentle touch of grace and charm to your dinning space with these fine double lining cotton sets in digital prints & crafted with English laces for a royal elegance. The classic style of timeless endeavour makes it perfect for several occasions, from formal dining to casual gatherings, to celebrate any moment with arrangements as sheek & flawless as pearls that sets them apart for sustaining tranquillity & serenity . Whites , as known to be a combination of all the colours in the spectrum, and yet versatile enough to be known a neutral colour enough to create a dominance  to the rest of colours in palettes. Let these interesting stories be the centre piece in your dining space that is an addition to a classic living.English Tea served with mixed berries and cherries during a lovely evening in the garden is the epitome of classics and charm.
Crimson Easter Sets


Elevate gracious mealtimes this summer ,as you host your guests featuring Indian Heritage along with a blend of urban sophistication. Made of natural & breathable yarns, is beautifully handmade for a long-lasting & easy to store feasibility. Strikingly stylish & royal creations are charming to the lovely friends invited for a dinner , to build bonds and celebrate memorable occasions in grace and make it special . Laces and english motifs that adds up to a classic centre piece for years to come. Bordeaux Red Wines set with assorted aged cheese with mixed grapes and truffle oil brings out an elegance of old world charm.