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Children's Wear



Introducing the stunning pieces of Children’s Wear collection that is carved out of distinctive trend of classic lifestyle & gracefully demonstrates Indian Heritage. Summer dressing in vintage whites & pastels  are the most desired stylish utilitarian silhouettes , that are designed for an heartfelt living of contemporary wear. Handcrafted motifs of wildlife are a subtle reminders towards appreciation & acceptance of animals in our ecosystem. Let’s ponder deep, that the survival of humans greatly depends upon the existence of wildlife into our surroundings . A soulful affaire connecting precious wildlife & little kids makes an awe moment to the assemblage of children’s wear silhouettes.


Pearl Raspberry Frock

Timeless classic silhouette in soft & light cottons, as it features handmade motifs of a story telling culture. Its about dolphins & ducks, that are known as the “Nomads of the oceans”, as one of the magnificent species representing an unconditional bond between culture & nature , as their wit & grace has been thoughtfully interlinked to human culture & responses. Whether its wildlife or marine life,  which speaks in silence but gives us aftermath demonstration of a gracious soul that has been beyond admiration.  These soulful characters dive into the deep darkness & always rise above to the light of the sun, a symbol of freedom , hence representation of birth & rebirth above all.

Pista Honey Frock

Charming young girls and a funfilled day out that corresponds to the animal welfare & learning worldliness , that conveys a stunning appearance to the overall outfit. Olive greens in striped patterns & a sleeveless frock with contrasting hemline together , that reminds us of vintage English dressing space in the new era. Handmade motifs of birds, that narrates us a reason to embrace an  eco friendly lifestyle  . For centuries,  flocks of birds have announced the arrival of spring & the yearly reincarnation of  nature irrespective of time. Lets, listen to the chirping of birds which is not for one, but for the entire human kind. Hence, let’s seize the opportunity to save that voice.

Bubblegum Cinnamon Frock

Enhanced along with the motifs of wildlife, this elegant striped outfit also comprises a classic floral belt around the waist , gives a voluminous look to the outfit. Comfortably, lined in soft cottons & ruffled sleeves in peter pan collar,  that tell a story of beautiful moments of childhood dreams. Motifs of rabbits, known to have an distinctive personality of being inquisitive & playful , that capture’s all the adoration & attention of children , when they are around. In the wild, they breathe in warrens while , worthy of compassion & care from mankind.  Let’s understand, accepting wildlife means preserving every fragment of diversity.

Coral Raisin Frock

Adorable & enchanting soft cotton outfits in pastels & striped patterns is constructed, keeping in mind the beautiful recitation & vision towards animal welfare. While elephants represent nature’s creation of great masterpiece & splendour that also demonstrates so majestically of humility, empathy & social intelligence. Children, breathe cheerfulness from their most desirable surroundings that provides an opportunity to flourish & grow as an individual in a more compassionate manner. This beautiful silhouette besides telling a story of wildlife, also is designed leading to an umbrella cut for a voluminous & lightweight dressing, round neck collars for comfort , attached belts highlighting waistline & tucked-in zip fastening for a perfect finished look of a vintage summer dressing .

Blueberry Caribbean Frock

Enhance your daughter’s style of dressing with comforting constructed garments that is made up of sustainable cotton fabrics and a collection that stands apart for its vision towards global welfare. As we believe in inclusiveness of wildlife, hence  it does corresponds to humanitarian & global concerns as well. A beautiful summer dressing with handmade motifs of birds , featuring soft cotton lining inside bodice & frills , a combination of  ruffled cap sleeves & box pleats does add enigma to the overall creation. She can choose to wear it to an afternoon brunch or to the next shopping destination, she will certainly have a reason to flaunt her classic style, that is timeless. 

Rose Crimson Frock

Envision your girls towards delightful experience, as they are enchanted through the journey of animal love & acknowledgement for the presence of wildlife into our surroundings. Enchanted through the animal kingdom, we have created hand embroidered motifs of wildlife in box pleat patterns, that provides a chance to the readers to understand their existence & charisma. Adorable pastels is self patterns of rose, delicately added ruffles & trims, along with the narrate of forests , that becomes the highlight of the collection. Birds, that is immediately connected to lightness & freedom & hence the expression “liberated akin to a bird” in different parts of the world has always been linked to the concept of unity, safe return, affection & celebration of life.

Daisy Frost Frock

Pleasingly looking girls in love with the story telling notion of animal kingdom & global welfare. Rose motifs upon white cottons in umbrella cut outfits , that is stitched together in soft cotton lining, as it graciously enhances the waist & embroidery motifs of birds that features the collection.  Ideal to a summer day outing or an evening festivity , the glam silhouette is complete with a back zipper fastening & a contrasting rose belt to highlight the waist , giving it a sober & classic look . Vintage archetypal knee length sustainable outfits in handmade embroidery are beautiful reminders of classic period lifestyle . 

Orchid Seashell Frock

Charming soft cotton satin in english rose prints , as the handmade motifs of wildlife featuring story telling becomes  the highlight of the collection . Complete your daughter’s wardrobe with a classic staple neat looking silhoutte , as it features a fashionable & elegant dressing for an  imperial collection.  The sophisticated knee length sleeveless dress is already designed to make her feel confident & delight, as the collection promises to stand unite together for the cause of animal welfare & children’s everlasting expression of care towards them . 

Snow Melon Frock

Sweet & simple dressing in striped pastels of rose, as the bodice is thoughtfully highlighted with motifs of an majestic baby elephant playing as demonstrates poise & innocence, our creation that breaks all stereotypes of an unexciting journey, as it conveys freshness & novel trend to this era.  As the silhouettes have a lining with soft cottons inside, it creates comfort during summers, and is a complete outfit  in itself. Wear it during outdoor picnics or during an indoor birthday celebration, these creations speak purity & contentment to the aura of every little girl.