Unveiling the Capsule Collection 'Legends of Freedom'.

Support Nature Conservation , proceeds will be donated to our chosen charity 'World Wide Fund for Nature'.

Children's Wear


Presenting an ecstasy of  vibrant blossoms , everlasting chirping of birds that is delightfully surrounded by kids more jovial & merry that embraces the value of compassion towards wildlife & ecosystem , benevolent to the  planet that is charitable &  more glorious than ever. Our baby chicken mascots have taken a glorious stride representing a paradigm of inclusion & self-belief that truly stands apart. The breezy pastel tones in florals & handmade motif of ‘Psittaciformes’ , popularly known as Parrots that predominantly habitat in the regions of Southern Hemisphere contributing to a story telling feature in the assemblage of children’s wear collection. 

Manderin Caesar Frock

Unravel your experience to the journey of adding a fashionable silhouette that heartens the desirable dressing to the trends of the Indian audience. Beautifully presented dressing in handmade motifs of wildlife & florals , finished with concealed back zippers & underneath layers of cotton lining making the skirt fuller & adding volume to the overall appeal. A well fitted outfit for a stylish party wear that represents a well-groomed & oxford looking dress for a fashion consort. Our embroidered motif depicts the historic observance of ancient civilization that is identified for celebration of the existence of  parrots during ceremonies .We continue to convey upon these generous legends for our loyal audience , as we belief in spreading joy for the love of global welfare.

Oriental Seagull Frock

Crafted to a storyline of liberty & triumph, our creation of stylish slow fashion silhouette in umbrella cut , along with handmade detail accents and a songbird symbol relates to the foundation of ecological balance in today’s world . Human race has been endlessly intimidating species of wildlife , as a result, it induces habitat collapse at the turn of the 20th century, and a substantial broken migration routes seen thereafter. The elegant mayeral frock is a perfect approach to style your daughter’s closet , decorated with handmade motifs , featuring puff sleeves & peter pan collar for a midsummer everlasting style trend .

Honeydew Opal Frock

The overture collection reimagines the beautiful moments of oceans that is generously encapsulated upon the silhouettes. Parrots that depict so gracefully the spirit & pride of nationalism in the Caribbean Nation. Representing birds into our bespoke collection conveys the reasons to celebrate the gifts of  life , and slow down  the process of enslavement & taming of  these intellectual species  that gradually impedes the livelihood of mankind somewhere in the forthcoming years. The sustainable silhouette combined with polka dotted bodice & peter pan collar in pastel pin stripes adds up to a royal look to an overall umbrella cut silhouette. The smart casuals formulate vigor in a noteworthy manner to stand out of the crowd generously.

Aiden Butter Frock

One of the wildlife species , parrots that are known for  flamboyance & vigour in mystique & grace , as the storyline of our collection reciprocates to the vision of ecosystem welfare.  .We showcase our collection of children’s wear that is an ecstasy towards the journey of a responsible lifestyle in a gracious manner. Royal shades of blues in polka dots & puff sleeves is a classic touch to urban dressing, that signify a stylish & elegant beginning to your daughter’s choice of wardrobe collection. Seize the opportunity to style her with gorgeous & comfort looking silhouettes, that transcends to a high quality vesture. 

Sterling Raspberry Frock

Futuristic classy silhouettes in floral prints and an exotic ambience that exhibits a transition from school to birthday celebrations & garden picnics along with friends is compatible to today’s fashion era of minimalist dressing. We represent a story of birds in the capsule collection that is a reminder of not to overlook wildlife species that enormously exhibit awareness seeking responses to mankind. The voyage that unites human & wildlife is our storyline to today’s generation. 

Mulberry Pumpkin Frock

Delightful preferences that’s timeless to the design elements integrated in futuristic artworks is the notion of our collection this season. Back vintage loops that’s classic to heritage of English period, creates an opportunity to live a life that’s synonymous to golden age . Symbolic dressing to the cultural heritage while expressing selfless benevolence towards our mother nature is the utmost gift of priceless possessions. Representing wildlife , conveys the spirit of significant peak time & hour to return back to the environment, as they have been devotedly  bestowing us since generations.

Scottish Crested Frock

Breathable cottons that brings nostalgia of freedom representing the cause of slow fashion endeavor, the stylish pistachio frock in florals & shades of blues is a solution to a comfort living most graciously manifesting a significant history to the community who love to wear outfits from our bespoke wear. For a fashion conscious girl, these stunning pieces in hand embroidered motifs, and frills comprising of inner lining adorned with a waist belt for a best fit and all day appease. Let your quintessential choice be your style statement this summer. 

Oliver Cheese Frock

Flaunt your daughter’s dressing choice to the streets of ‘Versailles’, a fashion capital that originates with cultural heritage & impressive architectural delight. For the travellers and fashion enthusiasts, we design & endeavour our creations to you , as we love to explore and devoted to the idea of quality dressing. Crafted to the solutions of comfort & convenience , this affordable fashion collection is also a statement piece for a classic fit & flare silhouette ,that enables poise & grace wrapped up in a single piece, for the very first time in the Indian Subcontinent. 

Butterbean Casper Frock

As we are acquainted with the characteristics of migratory birds , that entail a perilous voyage & soar across the sky covering thousands of endless journey, to locate the finest ecological conditions & habitats. Acknowledging the nature & its wildlife , we take you to our journey of bespoke collection that celebrates freedom & liberation. Take a cue towards an adorable floral & hand embroidered frock in pastels & stripes , embodied with soft cotton linings & an elegant contrasting belt that makes a trendsetting culture to the era of today. Let this exclusive collection be a part of your everyday dressing.  While the vintage relaxed feel outfit embodies  culture , hence the season’s collection elevates to a greater cause of humanitarian welfare. 

Cranberry Juliet Frock

Let your daughter’s wardrobe be an element of the wonder years of playwright’s masterpiece of fairytale , a magical forest that comprises of beautiful journey towards welfare & reflection. Our crafts work in shades & tones of Camel colours in capsleeve sunshade frock , enables a vintage classic staple look for everyday wear. Let your child feel freedom & a bohemian summer outfit that celebrates the joy of forests today & tomorrow. 

Mermaid Orio Frock

Futuristic eye candy collection, iconic to animal welfare blending into the sophisticated theme of a well seasoned traditional dressing. The voyage that gradually transcends to the journey of 21st era , taking along the stories of eco wellbeing encapsulating the hope for an imminent rising sun . Peaches & sea are the striking translations of priceless epitome of freedom , the palettes of colours that are reservoirs of classic vintage. Poise & grace, that is wrapped around in a single piece silhouette , creates a magical moments to capture in every occasion. 

Phoenix Rio Frock

Dress down to a classic elegance taking insight from 18th century Victorian art to the liberal revolution seen in Fashion Runways in 1920’s , as we create a collection that’s true to the accustomed routine of heritage lifestyle. These floral prints & hand creations embodies grace & simplicity in an imperial style of children’s wear silhouettes.  Our initiative of incorporating wildlife narratives  into our silhouettes, is an endeavour towards compassionate living that’s aesthetically appealing & commits to the legacy of Indian culture . Give a fashion makeover to your daughter’s closet this summer and yield merriment to her essentials. 

Magpie Celeste Frock

Taking cue from ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’ by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson,   we bring you a gorgeous polka dotted frock in puff sleeves & umbrella cut for a vintage urban dressing this season. The breathable cotton dressing in neat & traditional wear is practical for a comfort living today and tomorrow. Through our creations, we aspire to build awareness regarding the concerns of environment and to conserve ecosystem. While preserving our natural habitats is our core responsibility, we must empower our humanitarian wellbeing for our environment that affects human race directly and adversely.