Note to Readers

The age old adage ,“Customer is King” accolades true to every small business, and we are not very different . While we bring you a fine selection of diversified & curated slow fashion clothing to uplift your vibrant persona , we stand true to the conscious and ethical couturier in you !!

Let’s be responsible noble men and woman , and think ahead for a good cause. Every little decision or customers spend upon fast fashion , it does contributes in manifold for the life they would like to create for themselves in future !

Do you deserve to live in an environment that’s not friendly towards animals and wildlife , including yourself ? Let our contribution in small ways to make you feel home & fabulous, as it also benefits the lives of people who create it ethically . We understand it deep, that we want to make our wildlife feel secured & loved.

We are proud to be an eco friendly and anti- animal cruelty fashion & lifestyle label, that continues to touch people’s lives in small ways . We foresee to create a positive impact & bring awareness in the minds of our newfangled customer base ! Our timeless designs, not only promotes sustainability but it also adds a subtle charm to the way our customers would like to present themselves to the world around. Our designs produced with such finesse and precision , that nothing else can suit better.

Please have faith that every ounce you would like to spend upon clothing & lifestyle , it does creates a sacred space towards a reliable & authentic facts of identities, that creates a bundle of joy into your heart.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and just like we do strive to deliver our best, we hope to be able to count on your continued support today & tomorrow. We do believe that with your creative consciousness, you would want us to create that matter’, which also exists outside the mainstream corporate chains.

The holy grail of DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge does genuinely care and in the process, we would love to hear from you . Designs made for a comfort living yet fashionable , our bespoke range makes you feel nothing short of , the Royal Knights of the days gone past.