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Children's Wear

Transcending to the vintage classic reign of Children’s storyline of ‘A Tale of Peter Rabbit’, we present to you a bespoke collection of kid’s wear silhouettes in pastels & roses in a mesmerising ode to cottage country living. The collection that depicts a nostalgic affaire’ of swift & resilient hopping bunnies yet again in a pristine manner ! These solitary eager eyeing little bundle of joys, that is known for an exquisite adventurous journey, offering endless tales to the youth to cherish priceless gifts of a compassionate living. Summarizing the very unique portraits of these gracious hopping little bunnies that is known to be a symbol of vitality, rebirth and resurrection, also conjoins elegantly with the seasons that celebrates the welcoming of Easter . 

Sterling Cleo Frocks

Assembling to the tunes of Paris classic vintage moments , the children’s wear collection beautifully conjoins to the support for wildlife & green peace . This silhouette in floral cotton prints is constructed in simplistic form of umbrella cuts & combined with peter pan collars , which is synonymous to a fresh look this season. The style fashionably comprehends to the classic English era of discerning charmed & cheerful moments. English roses , candles and bunnies , offers us a stunning reason to fall in love with the nostalgic childhood days yet again.  

Isabella Casper Frocks

Candid moments of young little kids enjoying spaces with merry looking forests, the bespoke pieces that are interestingly designed in style to the rejoice moments of little bunnies. Gracious gardens are reminders of an archetypal reciprocation of the soul, of innocence, of happiness, dwellings that are an inviting journey for exploration. The utilitarian silhouettes represent the heartful & nurturing ode to the classic collection . Pastels as stylishly synchronised with florals that gives a calming feeling of earthiness & sophistication. Experience the vintage fall with us this season! 

Valentina Lilac Frocks

Pleasingly looking little girls that inspire the values of kindness & compassion to the animal kingdom. Interesting patterns of florals in minimalistic & fine looking classic vintage wear is true to the emerging fashion for a contemporary wear. This world is admirable , as we demonstrate to you the potential to perceive the silent winds of forests , chirping of birds & the flourishing animal kingdom participating to the green peace , in a subtle manner. Transcend to the lifestyle of slow fashion and see the planet transform into a healthy living for a positive future.   

Merlin Rosewood Frocks

Florals , as they are nurturing to the evolution of mankind,  as we celebrate a bespoke wear collection , that imbibes graciously the swift voyage of wildlife from dusk to dawn. Little Bunnies, known to have an distinctive personality of being inquisitive & playful , that capture’s all the adoration & attention of children , when they are around. In the wild, they breathe in warrens while , worthy of compassion & care from mankind.  Let’s understand, accepting wildlife means preserving every fragment of diversity.  

Daisy Crimson Frocks

A cascade of lyrical symmetry of storytelling culture , that stands strong to nurture our roots of existence , as depicted in the bespoke collection. Patterns of distinctive stripes as they are nicely adorned with bright concepts of practical & comfort wear for children. From picnics to Christmas celebrations, we have handpicked these nuances that standout to the culture of fine dressing for a fashion-conscious girl. These pleasing looking frocks are just apt for a neat look through out the day.  

Dusk Pumpkin Frocks

A closet that is stylish & sparks elegance, is timeless to the legacy of fashion forever moments. While the new age radiates the magical world in glowing & crisp looking silhouettes, we also give you an mesmerising nostalgia to the childhood days to cherish . These vivacious cotton collection is charming to the little young girls who celebrate the delicate & fragile moments of nature , yet proudly  astonished by the venturing & distinctive traits of Rabbits , as they demonstrate resilience & withstand adversity to beautifully bounce back to their truest characteristics , as seen in the story . Enchanted by the subtle glorious moments of wildlife, this season is all about an fashion makeover cause that’s exceptionally created for the children.  

Maple Honey Frocks

A classic stylish collection is an epitome of our tradition & culture that is trespassed into a modern silhouette. This collection is symbolic to the idea of peace to the world by going back to the roots of human existence, which particularly comprehends to replenish our nature yet again. Pastels that are reminders of calmness and likeness to the sky & ocean, beautifully adjoins to the creation of vintage wear in a gorgeous & stunning manner.  

Emerald Eve Frocks

A remarkable fashion comeback in elegant looking silhouettes for girls, the collection that stems from the responses & experiences derived from wildlife through the storyline we present here. The collection also reciprocates the power of inclusion of diversity into our very own surroundings , that is a fragment of the planet we live in. Stylish dressing in ruffled sleeves and peter pan collar is the signature line of the silhouettes, adding a neat & chic look to the overall collection.  

Crystal Cream Frocks

Celebrating the season of comfort wear in all seasons , the classic timeless staples imbibes versality and sophistication elegantly. Playful and chirpy ambience beaming with a prideful cause to replenish the nature is an ode to compassionate living.  For cozy springs, the silhouettes are incorporated with soft cotton linings , transitioning to sunshine summers for a breathable comfort dressing. Incorporating the essence of juvenility, the soft hued silhouettes are creation of meticulous detailing to a fine dressing.   

Maryl Feather Frocks

Sweet and classy silhouette in playful motifs taken from forests and greens , takes you to the everlasting journey from urban to the woods , as it conveys freshness & novelty in the collection. Freeflowing silhouettes expressing liberty & unmindful to the real world. Little bunnies interestingly matched up to the softness while depicting innocence , as we fall in love with the wildlife yet again , storytelling our audience to return back to the roots of our planet mother Earth.   

Ivy Celeste Frocks

Pleasantly adorable & graceful, these sustainable silhouette,  are not just a delight but adds up to chirpiness in the aura, as adorably matched to perfection. English roses are lovely, that also reminds us of nice summer afternoon. Seen here are the children that are well connected to the surroundings of forests , as the emotions depict a sense of an uninformed notion, which is apparent to the diminishing cycle of nature occurring since ages. Let your daughter flaunt her new classy silhouettes for an turnaround moment during birthday parties or weekend trips.  

Ashton Coral Frock

The signature classics of children’s wear is an ode to the heritage of culture & tradition of global welfare. Welcoming the yesteryear’s masterpieces in classic tales of Paris cottage living culture, that recreates a vivacious fashion statement generously. Complete your daughter’s wardrobe with these staple neat looking silhouettes , as it features a fashionable & elegant dressing for an  imperial look today & everyday. 

Arctic Lavender Frocks

Mastered to perfection, we celebrate the amalgamation of Indian cotton weaves along with vintage classic silhouettes. Florals represent chastity , purity and nobility , as the storyline is imbibed gracefully to fall in love with the forests yet again. Give yourself permission to comeback to cotton dressing that is made for goodness and delight.  

Paris Twilight Frocks

Complete your daughter’s closet with a range of stylish dressing that’s revolutionary to the old age beliefs of not so minimalistic dressing. While the new age decade is bestowed for a fun-filled afternoon along with bunnies , nothing seems more precious than the classic journey in tune with the storytelling we offer. Give a reason to celebrate sustainable dressing .  

Jasmine Caesar Frocks

Discerning to the pret’ loving culture, we bring you the classic tales of timeless clothing that is discerning to the yesteryear’s legacy. Our well tailored needle crafts are beautiful reminders of minimalistic dressing that speaks sophistication in a generous manner. Designated to the heartful ode to sustainable living , the collection drives passion for a peaceful future. Forests and wildlife are an epitome of human civilization. The bunnies as we depict in our story line translates graciously from casual afternoon to a formal evening ecstasy.  

Juliet Daisy Frocks

Our storyline of little rabbits generously participating in the blooming ecstasy of wildlife is just admirable, and is so astonishingly appealing. We are so falling in love with forests and nature, as the stylish collection is designed especially for you , sharing these invaluable ideologies to our readers are also beautiful reminders of a responsible living. Join us to the welfare of mankind by choosing to wear sustainable clothing, this comes after we have succeeded in saving wildlife and help in establishing the green peace.  

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2.5 Lakh members and many more. PFA works to rescue and rehabilitate  animals , run shelters and  provide disaster rescue missions in the hour of the need, amongst other numerous animal welfare programs. PFA aims to set up an animal welfare centre in each of the nation’s 600 districts.