Mustard Landscape Hand Embroidered Dress

Identity that also speaks out the personality of a woman in the true spirit of humanity and liberty. A choice of clothing does gives a delight to a woman’s appeal that conveys confidence and  feminity . A canvas of hand embroidered motifs that tells stories of seasons year after year , through the journey of an incredible forest ecstasy . Mustard Landscape dress can make a woman go chic to glam by pairing it with a satin or georgette scarf to look ultra modern. The hand embroidered motifs of forest gives a regal touch to the outfit.   

Blu Vert Box Pleat Dress

Nostalgic yet classy ,depicting stories of new age revolution, is on-point to pair it with classic silhouettes during every season for a ravishing look. Introduce your wardrobe staple that’s colourfully vintage embroidered motifs, to bring upon a timeless trend while you are out for a thanksgiving dinner with friends. Blu Vert box pleat dress is the signature piece of our collection . The red and white cotton dress with cap sleeve is perfect for day or evening party wear. Walk in to a minimalist closet that speaks sparklingly of a timely selection of pret’for a casual office day look, flaunting a simplistic, vivacious and lightweight comfort dressing.

Blush Rose Pleated Dress

The net-a-porter collection in pastels, depicting a lifestyle story ,does will give an eye attention. Sleek and discreetly elegant pieces that creates a uniform impact to your everyday dressing. Mix and match your outfit, with our satin finish scarfs , as per seasonal requirements ,and your are just beautifully spectacular for a genius day ahead. Blush Rose pleated dress in hand embroidered floral pattern gives a vintage look to the attire.Ofcourse, laces and buttons at the waist together with ruffled trims gives a dainty touch to the overall outfit.

Olive Tart Box Pleat Dress

An humble looking dress during a cocktail brunch is just apt for a girl who is flamboyant in a suble manner. Think of forests, sunshine, animal kingdom, and we bring you an ornate version of a glorious style staple that’s selective to spice and legend. Olive Tart Box pleat dress with embroidered motif can go perfect for a woman to loves to flaunt her style. Classic in-vogue collection that is mastered to perfection is apt for a stylish woman who loves to flaunt her aesthetic sense of style. Be fashionably stunning! Complement it with Rose Legume satin scarf, which does creates an enchanting appeal to the fashionable woman.

Ruby Fleur Umbrella Dress

Our vintage collection in woman’s wear is dedicated to the woman of today.A fashion conscious woman loves roses and also wants to explore the urban nature for the very foremost era. Ruby Fleur hand embroidered dress teamed up with our satin scarf can make a woman be any show stopper. The cotton umbrella pattern and lace hemmed at waist gives a regal look to the dress. Our designs that speak volumes of desire and believe systems.

Scarlet Pine Dress

As History says the fact, “Intelligent woman love to portray themselves, dressed into the most desirable and simplistic outfit for the love of life ! We bring you a net-a-porter collection in prêt wear that tells a story of beautiful forests and landscape. Flowers , typically in primary tones in 100% cotton red patterned dress , is simplistic yet loyal to the vintage trend. The trims that are of laces and buttons brings out a naive look to the vegan straight dress. Remember to flaunt your outfit , while you are at the cocktail evening party.

Forest Green Umbrella Dress

Forest Green cotton hand embroidered dress is a creation for the fashionable woman who loves to dress up to her desire. Whether it be an after party with friends or a family gathering , our creation is purely a dream artistry. Sustainable silhouettes that are tailored to perfection , recites a story of every piece of endless revolution that occurred from time to time in thousand years , to save an animal kingdom. We understand the silent voice ,that speaks truth through the eyes in a most heart touching way. Forest Green cotton hand embroidered dress reminds of the importance of slow fashion , and  is a creation for the fashionable woman who loves to dress up to her desire. Whether it be an after party with friends or a family gathering , our creation is purely a dream artistry.

Sunflower Crimson Straight Dress

Sunflower Crimson dress is matched to perfection as the contemporary woman can travel in style wearing our custom-made creation. Pair it with a satin or georgette scarf to look ultra modern. Experience fresh reminiscent of vintage assemblage that tells a story of a woman of choice that admires the fashion formation of a changing era. We love her true spirit of courage to be a responsible youth and admire her selection of sustainable wear.

Sunday Dessert Dress

Our vision is to raise awareness about the importance of being ‘green’. The motifs in hand embroidary symbolises not just for a healthy lifestyle ,but also to encourage to be a vegan… The Cotton fibres in exclusivity of hand picked French techniques ..does make thecollection..truely exceptional. Our collection created to the motive of  better lifestyle, while  the home-grown concept is a latest offering of classic and stylish culture.  Complement it with our satin scarfs during a summer afternoon outing.

Persian Rose Pleated Dress

A cultural identity of a woman is reciprocated though her sharp choice of dressing. As we sew together our fashion norms that is passed on across generations in a most humble manner, we do love to contribute to our society today and forever. Persian Rose pleated dress is what every girl dreams of wearing when she would like to celebrate Christmas or New Year eve. The stylish ruffles and classic details at the hemline is what makes the outfit truely unique and is vintage for a girl to celebrate her look for the season !

Oriental Ice Straight Dress

Our utilitarian silhouettes are designed for an heartfelt living of contemporary wear. Our well tailored needle crafts gives an attention to the alternative methods of clothing that is for a cause of an healthy lifestyle  . Oriental Ice straight dress makes an earnest look to the girl’s wardrobe. Hand embroidery techniques are beautiful reminders of classic period lifestyle . The mélange of georgette scarfs teamed up with our collection are perfect for a ready to wear outfit , for a youthful trend !

Orchid Tea Dress

Pleasant and fresh, our bespoke collection is an amalgamation of vintage yet urban technique of details featuring a story of forest land & vegetation combined together with naturalistic view of chirping birds , humming of butterflies , a woodpecker cackles, a melody of rhymes – singing an old song , that’s most fabulously an artwork for a child’s dream destination. A beautiful vintage attire for a soiree filled with music and an elaborate dessert ! 

Lime Huckleberry Jacket

Tap into a novel, mid-century concept of textured and washed daily wear that brings a nostalgic story of vintage look. The upbeat designs are additions to new age and can be beautifully combined for a smart and aesthetic journey, between formal and informal occasions. We love what you wear , that are subtle pieces ,yet eye catching while you are often hustling graciously between conversations during after party.